Josie: Things I Don’t Want to Forget

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It’s hard to remember but I wanted to get this blog post published because the pictures are just so adorable.

Just a few things:

“Why? Cuz!”

“Mere Momma, Mere!” -as you ask me to sit down next to you.

“Daddy UP!” -as you’re asking to be picked up.

When you’re on the potty and you ask “iPad on the knees” “Toys on the knees” for your toys to be put on your knees while you finish your business.

You’re potty trained! And now you even go out in public and use the big potty there when I hold you up! I am so proud of you! Now, we just have to find an overnight solution. You do awesome at nap with no wet diapers. You are so smart, my sweet girl. I love watching you grow but I miss my sweet little baby Josie. You were the BEST baby.

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