Juliette’s First Birthday!

Happy First Birthday Juliette! I’m not even sure where to start. You are a beautiful soul that has completed our family. From your scrunched up face when you smile, to your need to have and do whatever big sister is doing, you are one independent strong little diva!

You’re starting to pull up on your own. I felt like you were days away from standing and walking until you got really, really sick and was put in the hospital. My heart is so full of emotion an exhaustion that I cannot possibly sit here and tell you all about you and your milestones and the amazing way you’ve changed our family. I will though. But not in this post. My mind is mentally and physically exhausted. But for now, I just want to share just how beautiful you are to the world. I promise when I will reflect on how much I love you my dear baby. Because I love you so so so much. And it’s been so much fun getting to know you.





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