Dreams DO Come True!

This man. THIS MAN! Oh.my.sweet.heavens! ...WE are going to see him live. Like for real. Like in PERSON. This is a dream come true for me. Ya'll! If you know me, you KNOW this is HUGE. I am way way way up in the air in disbelief that my sweet husband bought us tickets that … Continue reading Dreams DO Come True!

A Second Attempt at OIT:

So Josie's first day of OIT was a big, fat, fail... And I'm not going to lie...it was completely all my fault. Why? Because I'm me. Me as in the anxious, scared, get-these-flash-backs-of-her-dying-in-my-arms PTSD moments. My anxiety was so heightened at her appointment, I almost felt like I was going to die. I took a … Continue reading A Second Attempt at OIT: