20 Weeks Pregnant (Halfway There!)

We are halfway there!How far along?  20 weeks. Size of baby: The size of a banana. Weight: I still weigh 128 lbs. Stretch marks: Not yet. Gender: GIRL! Nursery: Teal and Pink. Maternity clothes: Still living in the comfortable stuff. Sleep: Terrible sleep, cramping and bleeding every day (low placenta), I can't do much around the house. Best moment the … Continue reading 20 Weeks Pregnant (Halfway There!)

16 Weeks Pregnant (and it’s a GIRL!)

After 17 months of trying to get pregnant and 3 miscarriages, we were willing and ready to accept anything that God was blessing us with. However, in the very beginning, I secretly hoped for Josie to get a little sister. The thought is what made me want to keep trying and trying after every failed … Continue reading 16 Weeks Pregnant (and it’s a GIRL!)