Exhausting Thoughts – What is in a name?


I’m embarrassed to admit this, but we have no ideas for the name of our little babe.

I’ve gone in circles. Finding boy names. Finding girl names. Thinking of suggestions.  When I tell my husband a suggested name, he quickly says “no” or, “that sounds too old fashion”.  I, personally, like old fashion.  I can’t imagine my baby being the 5th Jayden in the classroom (although Jayden was my name of choice 10 years ago) or the 4th Isabella (when I’m not even a fan of those vampire movies).  So we go in circles trying to decide.  And then I just get frustrated and give up for the day.  The thought of going back to deciding exhausts me.  Life would be easier if 50% of the options were eliminated, boy vs. girl.  That’s what my husband keeps telling me.  But time is pressing and I don’t even have a list of “maybes”.  And those of you, who know me, know that I am just anxious about this matter.

[Side note: We can’t even name our pets, let alone name a child.  Sadly, our cat is named Kitty because Bobby named her that and the little one is Bitty.  I came up with her name myself while I was living in Florida.  She was such an itty bitty little thing that it just stood out for me. When I was a child our bunny was named buh-fuh, our guinea pig was named guinea and our blue bird was named blue bird. Creative, huh?]

Why can’t I feel that oh-my-gosh-that-is-a-perfect-name-feeling with this babe growing inside me?  It’s beginning to frustrate me.

I have the middle name picked out, that part was easy.  But to find a name, I’m just puzzled.

I keep asking myself, “What is in a name?”  What meaning does it have?  What will he/she be nicknamed?  What will people, friends, acquaintances call him or her since their last name is Sock?

Will it just come to me?

4 thoughts on “Exhausting Thoughts – What is in a name?

  1. OMG lmao Stace at the pet names…we really did name all our pets what they were…figuring out a name was too much work…Infact, every cat I had up until now, was always “kitty”.It didn’t matter what I named them, I would always call it kitty..so it stuck..lol!!! As far as the baby names, definitely not Jayden, or Tyler or Dakota or Nevaeh(heaven backwards) or some other stupid ass new overused name…Im sure you’ll come up with something great..I agree with Kathie..It will just come to you!

  2. Stacy stop putting undue pressure on yourself…when you see that beautiful bundle in your arms and look into the precious face your name chioces may completelly change! So if you come up with a name great if you don’t OK see what feels right when you have the baby. God knows what name your baby will have so you don’t have to stress about it. Be calm and relaxed about it and it will happen..you guys are smart enough that you won’t be naming your child like you pet and call them boy or girl.

    Just alittle fun fact your mom named Bailey. We were talking about names and she said she liked Bailey and I fell in love with it and since she “was done having children” (teehee God had other plans and along came Nick, what a blessing) she said I could have the name.

    Any way sweetie enjoy being preggers and don’t sweat the small stuff there is plenty of big stuff to sweat about. Love you all!

  3. It’s so strange — the naming process. I didn’t really think about it until I found out the gender…as soon as the tech asked if we wanted to know and said it’s a boy…I just knew. It was strange. I had a few in mind but at the moment, it just felt right and “clicked”. I don’t think you can force it…like so much of this process, just learning to let things happen on their own time 🙂

  4. We didn’t start making a list of names that we liked until about 15 weeks, but I wanted to have one for each gender picked out by the time we did the anatomy scan at 20weeks. It is hard because there are sooo many factors to think about (they have to learn to write it, how common is it, etc) and then you have to both like it- definitely frustrating at times. I just downloaded a baby name app on my phone and went through it with my husband and we picked out like 8 of each gender that we liked (took like an hour), and then over the next couple weeks we just started narrowing them down. Good luck!

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