24 Weeks Pregnant

24 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 24 Weeks.

How big is baby: About the size of a cantaloupe.

Total weight gain: 20lbs. – maybe 21lbs, but who’s counting? And who cares!

Maternity Clothes: Yes

Sleep: Sleep has been terrible this week. Bobby got sick and then I caught whatever he had. So sleeping while coughing with a stuffy/running nose is a nightmare. Not to mention, I still keep rolling on my back (while I’m sleeping, without being aware) and waking up because I can’t breathe even more. I am struggling with how to keep myself on my left side and I can’t find anything that works. We’ve even added like 5 more pillows behind me = fail. Bobby will wake me up several times a night and tell me to move before it gets bad enough that it actually wakes me up from not being able to breathe.

Best moment of the week:  Bobby feeling her kick for the first time with his hand on my belly.  It’s moments like this that just melt my heart. And then I cry like a baby.  We also painted her room this past weekend.  Well, my wonderful, well-recovered-from-his-cold/flu-husband did.  I came in periodically and took pictures. He wouldn’t let me paint even if I was feeling better. No paint fumes or reaching up high or getting on a stool for me. Worst Moment of the Week: Sending Nick home. I miss his company. I wish I could keep him here forever.

Food Cravings:  Nothing.  I am back to complete normal. Our cupboards are cleared of junk/processed foods (just like old times). And I thank God I’ve reached this point. A lot of people don’t realize it but when you’re pregnant and craving something, you really can only eat that because everything else makes you want to throw up just thinking about.  Even if it was something you once ate every single day. I didn’t like that part of pregnancy very much. Because I eat very healthy, organic and whole foods normally. So when I went through my Fritos, bean dip and soda binge stage, it sorta frustrated me. But what the baby craves, the baby needs. I know I need to load up on more fat because I definitely didn’t eat enough of it in my daily diet. I struggled for months to gain healthy fat after I got diagnosed with celiac disease and dropping 15 lbs. I feel so healthy now. And love my body.

Food Aversions: Nothing.

Symptoms:  I still have this annoying prickly heat rash. My face has gotten better (good enough for me!) thanks for a good friend convincing me to use a dab of product here and there every few days.  Some control is better than no control. And the feeling of it healing increases my confidence like you wouldn’t believe.

Mood: So happy. A little anxious because I want to start her nursery now that it is painted and buy everything. But we have to wait a few more weeks to begin buying the big stuff.

Movement: She’s a mover and a kicker.  She really likes to put her foot in my left side.  Which makes it sorta hard to walk sometimes. She used to favor the left side but lately she’s been on my right.  I thought she had her sleep schedule down but there have been a few nights this week where she is kicking momma all night long in my sleep. According to “What to Expect” emails, Bobby can press his ear against my belly and hear her heartbeat now. We haven’t tried it yet, but we will!

What I’m looking forward to:  My mom is coming here after Valentine’s Day!  She will also be going with us to the 3D/4D ultrasound (I’m so excited for her to see this!). And getting on the plane with me back to Michigan for the baby shower she is putting together for me. I love my mom-she is the best.

What I miss: My fab 3.

3 thoughts on “24 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Stacy … you look like a movie star.. xoxo beautiful just so beautiful… cant wait to see you in February … xoxo take it easy tell princess we said hello and can’t wait to meet her !! // we talked to your grandfather last night to check in on them .. they are doing OK .. he was not felling so hot yesterday and took Aunt Gil to the breathing doctor she is better.. he is having some issues with his stomach again? .. his birthday was Saturday . I told him we were keeping you up to date with what has been going on .. he told me he hopes this craziness gets worked out soon.. and that he loves you ! xxooo we love you too !! all of you !

    1. Aww thanks Bonnie/Bobby! xoxo I can’t wait to see you in February too. I can’t wait to see everyone, it’s going to be great. I am so happy to hear that Grandpa still loves me. I sent him an email on his birthday and a card for Christmas. I haven’t heard anything back from him but I just put it to Jim not allowing him to. But that’s okay. I’m glad that Grams is doing better too. I bet his stomach has a lot to do with the fact that he has a hard time sitting still. He probably needs more rest and relaxation than he is giving himself. He a strong guy but he needs to take time to rest and heal. Thanks for the update, it means so much to me. And thanks for letting Grandpa know you keep me informed and for telling me what he said. It made me smile and feel a LOT better. Thank you guys. I love you guys. I can’t wait to hug you tight. Love you tons! xoxo

      1. hey u … happy u responded and so happy it made you smile … just wanted u to know that Jim and Denise are hibernating in garden city .. and have been since New Year’s Eve.. if you feel like making a call to your grandpa? .. love you all more xoxo u look amazing ! xo

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