Daddy’s Little Girl

When I see this photo, I cannot help but hear the song Butterfly Kisses come into my mind.


As I watch him love her more and more each day, I melt.

When I hear him with her in the morning as I still lay in bed: “Hi sweetheart! Good morning, beautiful!”

I melt.

When I watch him read to her.

When he says: “I love you so much, Josie!”

When he kisses her neck and makes her laugh uncontrollably.

When he looks at me and says: “I just want you to know that you and Josie mean everything to me”

I melt.

Inside I’m smiling. Outside I am crying. I have no words.

I ask God: “how did I get so lucky?” And I ask him at the end of day, after thanking him for such blessings, just to give me one more day.

Because you never know what tomorrow can bring.

I love these two more than I could ever express.

She’s daddy’s little girl.


I can totally imagine this song playing at her wedding one day, as her daddy gives her away to a man who won’t even realize how lucky he is. Oh boy, I am bawling just thinking about it.



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