Remember Us?

Okay guys it’s been 3 months! My last post ironically was titled “Silence”. Well, I’m sorry to say that I have been silent since that post. In all honesty, I haven’t had much to say. I mean, I do have a lot to say (I always have a lot to say), I just don’t know how to say it and have yet to feel inspired to blog. I apologize. I so often get alerts that my stats are “booming”…which means ya’ll are probably checking in on us to see what’s new, the latest or if we’ve posted anything lately. I’m sorry we’ve been so delayed and quiet. I’m hoping that changes as I begin to post more frequently again.

I can’t even begin to explain all that has happened and all that has changed. We’ve made some pretty big changes within the past three months. All of which has led us to the path of which we belong. This is life and our journey is always changing. We embrace change and welcome it with open arms. That’s the key to a happy life. To be prepared for change, to accept the ups and downs as just a part of shaping your life, to welcome challenging experiences and allow them to be a part of the journey but not shape who you are.

I am more content compared to who I was three months ago. I was stressed, anxious, sad and broken. I’ve experienced two miscarriages with one being a big deal and the other with me only knowing because I obsessively test. And when I say obsessively test, I’m not kidding. I tested every single day. I buy tests off Amazon and The Dollar Tree so I’m not spending $10 bucks+ to test. My husband would kill me! He already thinks I test too much. But yet he just doesn’t understand the deep desire a woman feels when she’s TTC. More on this topic later.

Updates, updates, updates! You all probably want updates! And of course pictures. Even though we’ve taken a break from the blogging world, we definitely did not take a break from the amount of videos and photos we’ve taken. In fact, we’ve even purchased a GoPro. Okay…hands down the BEST purchase ever! Seriously guys, if you don’t have one, get one! If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, look it up. Worth.every.cent! Oh, and make sure you get all the fun accessories that go with it. I need to find a good video sharing site. Once I do, I’ll be sure to (eventually) load the videos for everyone to see. Nothing captures life and memories quite like video. If you have any site suggestions, please share.

Okay so our little baby girl is not so little anymore. I mean, of course she’s little…she will always be little (to us). But to her, well, that’s an entirely different story. She thinks she’s a big girl now. She’s walking, she’s talking and she’s definitely keeping us on our toes! Her personality is forming and her brain is exploding with knowledge. She’s a smart one.

She went from scooting to crawling on all fours then to pulling up and standing all within two months. She waited until she was ready. And she’s careful.

She’s even eating! Well, sort of. She eats when she wants and what she wants. Which really isn’t much. Especially considering her food allergies. She was eating a sweet potato every evening (with brown sugar and dairy-free butter) until she started teething (I think). She eats gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free frozen waffles and French toasts sticks (of course with syrup). And also graham crackers. She loves her “cookies”. She also loves water with a special cup with a straw. Luckily that cup doesn’t leak.

Like I mentioned above, we recently bought a GoPro to capture Josie’s most memorable moments. With Bobby being gone for two weeks out of the month (16 days at a time), he misses out on special moments like new words, actions and attitudes. Josie started saying “hi”, “bye”, etc. We’ve heard her say words before but this time it’s more on point. You’ll walk in the room and she will see you, wave and say “hiiiiii” in a long cute little voice. She will see the kitty and say “keeee”. She will say “I love you” after you say it to her (sometimes). She talks when she wants to talk and says so many different words at different times. Although not saying certain words, she will know what they are (ball, bottle, fan, couch, phone, elmo, Mickey Mouse, etc). The strange thing is, that most people wouldn’t know she’s saying these things…but we do. Just because we’re with her every day and we know her lingo. So when we hear a change in syllable, we get excited and say “did you hear that? She said I love you!” These are moments never to be forgotten. She started to take steps after just a month of waking through the night. Once she started, it only took a few weeks before she mastered at it. And we’re so glad she waited for Daddy to be home to do it so he could see her first steps. It was perfect timing. She waited until she was completely ready before she took those first steps. She’s fearless and a brute. She is so very curious in what we do, eat and what we have. Yet, getting her to eat any of it is still a challenge. From doctor to doctor, I’m just plain tired of the consults and the blood, sweat and tears I’ve put into trying to get this poor child to eat foods. I quit pumping at the beginning of July as my poor, poor breasts have had just about enough of the rigorous every 4 hour pumping schedule since Josie was 8 weeks old. She’s moved on to Soy Milk/Rice Milk with a very expensive Toddler formula. That is her key nutrition right now. But will eat foods, like I mentioned, when she feels like it. We need to work with her more on eating more/different foods. This is all a work in progress.

This past two weeks that Bobby was home, Josie started saying “Daddy”. It just melts my heart to see him with her and her with him. She is daddy’s girl.

On my birthday (the middle of July) we moved back to Tampa, Florida. We love it. We love our home (more pictures later). We love our community. I started working at Tampa General Hospital (TGH), where I did clinicals in school and I love it. I love the sun, the rain, the thunderstorms and mostly the heat. Oh my goodness, I missed it here. It’s beautiful and peaceful and I honestly feel complete and content with being here. We hope that the stress that I was feeling in Michigan (working nights, still pumping every 4 hours and the weather) will be relieved by being here and so far I can tell you that I feel different. I feel better. I feel like I can breathe. I am happy. This feels like home. More updates on that later. But for now, here are quite a few photos from the last few months but most of them are more recent from a trip to The Tampa Riverwalk, Clearwater Beach, Siesta Key Beach, swimming in the pool outside our patio, and eating in her high chair.

20150617_094927_D71_0390 20150617_094823_D71_0388 20150617_094703_D71_0383 20150617_094653_D71_038120150617_094639_D71_0378 20150617_094513_D71_0372 20150617_094421_D71_0367 20150617_094352_D71_036420150617_094329_D71_0361 20150617_094308_D71_035820150617_102543_D71_0474 20150617_102541_D71_0472 20150617_102535_D71_0470 20150617_102533_D71_046920150617_102448_D71_0467 20150617_102239_D71_0460 20150617_102226_D71_0459 20150617_102222_D71_045720150617_102039_D71_0447 20150617_102008_D71_0444 20150617_101918_D71_0439 20150617_101907_D71_043820150617_101742_D71_0430 20150617_101737_D71_0428 20150617_101735_D71_0426 20150617_101606_D71_042220150617_101554_D71_0420 20150617_101552_D71_0419 20150617_101552_D71_0418 20150617_101510_D71_041620150617_101359_D71_0410 20150617_101302_D71_0401 20150617_095127_D71_039720150624_213929_D71_0515 20150624_213925_D71_0513 20150624_213922_D71_0512 20150624_213920_D71_051120150624_213426_D71_0506 20150624_213417_D71_0502 20150624_212817_D71_0494 20150624_212807_D71_049220150820_190635_D71_083120150820_190650_D71_0844 20150820_190646_D71_0842 20150820_190639_D71_083620150820_190626_D71_0825 20150820_190201_D71_076320150820_190003_D71_0737 20150820_185622_D71_0701 20150820_185138_D71_0680 20150820_185137_D71_067920150820_185030_D71_0676 20150813_143504_D71_067320150821_193916_D71_0975 20150821_193809_D71_0963 20150821_193638_D71_0945 20150821_193453_D71_092320150821_193445_D71_0916 20150821_193246_D71_0902 20150821_193158_D71_0898 20150821_193158_D71_089720150821_193147_D71_089620150812_165949_D71_0670 20150812_165927_D71_0667 20150812_165759_D71_066120150812_165759_D71_0660 20150812_165757_D71_0658 20150812_165756_D71_0657 20150812_165756_D71_065520150812_165755_D71_0654 20150812_165739_D71_0649 20150812_165736_D71_0646 20150812_165732_D71_064320150812_165729_D71_0642 20150812_165715_D71_0639 20150812_165702_D71_0637 20150812_165700_D71_063520150812_165650_D71_0634 20150812_165640_D71_0633 20150812_165637_D71_0630 20150812_165629_D71_062820150812_165613_D71_0627 20150812_165610_D71_0626 20150812_165601_D71_0624 20150812_162008_D71_061720150812_162007_D71_0616 20150812_162001_D71_0614 20150812_161949_D71_0613 20150812_161717_D71_060720150812_160923_D71_0605 20150812_160921_D71_0603 20150812_155334_D71_0598 20150812_155331_D71_059720150812_154732_D71_0592 20150812_154723_D71_0587 20150812_154704_D71_0579 20150812_154640_D71_057420150812_154537_D71_0566 20150812_154315_D71_0562 20150812_154306_D71_0558 20150812_154233_D71_055220150812_154224_D71_0549 20150812_153554_D71_0544 20150812_153544_D71_0535 20150812_153543_D71_053420150812_153443_D71_0533 20150812_153028_D71_0532 20150812_152721_D71_0531 20150812_152707_D71_053020150812_152251_D71_0523 20150812_152226_D71_0522 20150812_152056_D71_0521 20150812_150749_D71_051720150822_145940_D71_1292 20150822_145830_D71_1268 20150822_145737_D71_1253 20150822_145717_D71_124320150822_145701_D71_1236 20150822_145620_D71_1232 20150822_145620_D71_1231 20150822_145620_D71_123020150822_145620_D71_1229 20150822_145619_D71_1228 20150822_145616_D71_1227 20150822_145558_D71_122020150822_145522_D71_1203 20150822_145515_D71_1196 20150822_145424_D71_1176 20150822_145246_D71_116020150822_145241_D71_1158 20150822_145240_D71_1154 20150822_145226_D71_1150 20150822_145224_D71_114720150822_145212_D71_1142 20150822_145207_D71_1141 20150822_145204_D71_1138 20150822_145156_D71_113720150822_145036_D71_1120 20150822_145035_D71_1117 20150822_145002_D71_1110 20150822_144948_D71_110420150822_144946_D71_1103 20150822_144942_D71_1096 20150822_144922_D71_1092 20150822_144913_D71_108420150822_144902_D71_1079 20150822_144853_D71_1076 20150822_144847_D71_107520150822_144828_D71_1066 20150822_144827_D71_1065 20150822_144824_D71_106120150822_144824_D71_1059 20150822_144809_D71_1056 20150822_144802_D71_1052 20150822_144759_D71_1051


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