Josie: Things I Don’t Want to Forget

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Oh my dear Josie! Here we are, the four of us now. We brought your little sister home and you’ve been so completely in love since. You’ve accepted her whole heartedly. You love her dearly. You kiss her. You hug her. You talk to her. And we couldn’t be more proud. With so much fear leading up to your sisters birth, of how you’d react, you’ve certainly blown us away with your gentleness. And your ability not to regress (too much) and understand when baby needs mommy.

You’re growing so fast. I know I say this every time I post one of these but we moved into our first brand new home in July and when I look back at those photos of us sleeping on an air mattress, you look so little. You had a baby face. Baby cheeks. You’ve grown so much since then. Your bathing suits don’t even fit you anymore. Your legs are longer. Your voice is louder. Your vocabulary is exploding. You are simply beautiful. You are incredibly intelligent. Much more advanced than the typical two-year-old. You catch on to everything we say. We talk to you like a child and not a baby. We teach you words and kindness daily. You certainly surprise us each day with how much you know and learn from the day before. I cannot wait to watch you spread your wings and be more independent. I can’t wait to watch and see what you may do or the wonderful things you may accomplish. You are such a beautiful girl, Josie. I am so proud to be your mommy.

We’ve just started looking for day programs for you sweet girl. You are ready. Mommy is ready. It’s time for you to get out and explore the world a little bit more.

Rather than a Mother’s Day Out Program where kids typically play, paint, color and bite each other (haha), we’ve ultimately decided to put her in “school”. A program where she can use her skills that she’s developed and her knowledge that’s ever so growing. This kid is unique-I tell you. She is a sponge of knowledge. She is incredibly smart and has so much potential. It is time for her to go out there and shine and soak up all the more knowledge she can so she’s more than ready for Preschool and Kindergarten. I can’t wait to watch her come home and tell me all about her day.

So sweet girl, with all of the to-do’s and the busy day to day tasks, we never want to forget the simple things. The things that make us laugh. The things you do to make us cry. You are truly so so special. And I want you to know that we cherish each season with you and hope that we can give you the love you need to feel as though you can do or accomplish anything.

We never want to forget:

How you ask for chips: “pits”…you love, love, love chips!

Come here daddy, come here…”mere daddy, mere”.

“Daddy up up up”.

“Daddy pour!” (move out of the way…push).

“Daddy play” (takes his hand into the playroom).

Up the stairs…”up de stairs”.

“More sauce”…apple sauce. (Do you want some apple sauce, Josie? “Yes! Yes, I do!”

“No bunnies” (looks out the window).

Counts from 1-20 with no hesitation.

“I love you too, mommy”.

When I tell you that you are so beautiful: “You are so beautiful, Josie.” “Thank you, mommy.”

How you say “isssss hot!” when I give you your food, put you in the car seat or we walk outside.

How you say “grapes” (geeps).

How you say “coconut” (do-dung).

How you say “water” “Wah! Wah! Wah!”

How you LOVE ice water “EYE water!” “Daddy help me?” (you love taking the ice cubes out and eating the small pieces).

How when you’re mad you throw whatever is in your hand at the moment.

How you just started walking backwards at 26 months old.

How you say blankie “bickee”.

How you say “Mmmm, essss good” (it’s good).

How when I look hurt you run to my arm and say “awwww, sorry momma, awwwwww. I sorry”.

How you say “birdie” (burrrrrrdeeee).

When you hug mommy “awwwww, mommy”.

How you recently started saying “bye bye momma, I wove you” (2 1/2 years old).

How you run to me when you hear me come in the door and hug my leg and say “I’m back”, “you’re back!”.

“Kitty! NO!”

“Good morning baby sister, good morning sweetheart. Aww you’re cute!”.

“Good night baby sister, goodnight. I wove you! Sweet dreams!”

How you say “moe-ma” (Grandma) to daddy’s mom.

How you call mommy’s mom “Granny”.

How when we FaceTime Granny and you always ask to see “kitty.”

How you say “BITER” when there is a spider or a bug or a fuzzy on the ground.

I laugh and I cry when I type these things out. Because it’s truly amazing to see how far you’ve already come. And I can only imagine how much better it’s going to be. You are my first baby, Josie. My love for you runs deeper than I can even put into words. So deep that it almost hurts. So deep that I cry just thinking about it. You are my world, sweet girl. I am so proud of you. So proud to be your mommy. So grateful, thankful and blessed.

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