A Progressing Pregnancy: Journey into Becoming a Mom of 3!

Adventures of a mama who has miscarried…3 times. Why so many strips/tests? PROGRESSION! Why so many in one day? It’s all about the science behind it! Knowing when and what time your body double/triples in hCG. This is a sign of a progressing pregnancy. At the top we started on 7/28 and towards the bottom we landed at today 8/6 (which looks like a double/triple from last night because the line is much darker). The strip right above it was 12 hours ago. So while I was sleeping (or trying to with a sick 10-month-old), this baby was growing. Usually this is tracked by a blood test as well (which I’m also doing). I am scheduled tomorrow for my third re-check. But it’s much more mind easing when I can also track it at home. When Amazon sells packs of 50-100 pregnancy tests, do you ever wonder “why so many? Who will actually use all those?!” People like me. People who’ve experienced loss. People who can’t rest until they know baby is safe and thriving as he/she should. I’m not crazy, I’m just in tune! Besides, it saves me the $35 co-pay and the trip to the doctors all the while hauling my kids there. Peace of mind y’all. It puts my anxiety in check. That’s what this is about. You won’t understand, unless you’ve experienced loss yourself. I’m happy to share my journey into motherhood with y’all for the third time.

Let’s do this!




2 thoughts on “A Progressing Pregnancy: Journey into Becoming a Mom of 3!

  1. Thank you so much Beanca! This is such an exciting and scary time for our ever growing family. Who really knows when we’ll stop. If it were up to my husband, I think we’d have more and more. I know that when TTC, there is nothing anyone can say/do to make you feel better in those moments. Now that I look back to where I was in life, I can honestly say “stress” played a MAJOR role in my journey. I didn’t want to live where we were at the time (Florida). I HATED my job because of the hospital I worked at and the awful unsupportive team (lack thereof) I worked with. I had no family close and no friends. It was a very hard and dark time for me, all the while trying to create another baby. It only makes sense that once I “gave up the fight” and let it go, I fell pregnant. Maybe it’s because I knew we were moving out of Florida soon. Or that we had bigger plans for our life. I felt stuck where we were. I would wake up just to watch the time until I could put my head on my pillow again. Once we moved to Texas things started falling into place. I really knew we were here for good and that was important to me. I got so tired of moving around state to state, house to house. I was ready, in my life, to settle down and build a life somewhere with friends I knew I could grow with and friends I knew my daughter could grow with. Moving here was the best choice we made. So basically, when I look back now, I realize that you really do have to be happy and content in your life in order for all things to line up. If you’re not, re-evaluate what is making you unhappy and change it. Or try to. It may not always be a quick fix. Good luck in your journey. I have good faith you will get there when God deems it the right time for you as well. xoxo

  2. Congratulations Stacy! Thank you so much for sharing your journey- we are currently 14 months into TTC baby #2 and it’s a really hard journey- following along with your struggle to have Juliette has been such an inspiration for me, to just have faith ❤ I wish you nothing but happiness and a wonderful pregnancy 🙂

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