I Love You to the Moon and Back

(Necklace from The Vintage Pearl, Sugar Land, Texas) Oh.my.gosh. We have officially made it to full-term. Although, there are some doctors out there that now consider full-term to be 39 weeks rather than 37. I am still very thrilled that if Josie was born now, she would be just fine to thrive on her own. … Continue reading I Love You to the Moon and Back

36 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 36 weeks. How big is baby: She is 6+ lbs. My belly is measuring at 37 cm’s. It's always been 1 cm ahead. Total weight gain: 37 lbs. in total. But I have been stuck at 147lbs. for 4 weeks now. Although she may be gaining, it looks like I’m losing. Maternity … Continue reading 36 Weeks Pregnant