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Josie’s First Easter

Yesterday was Easter and we didn’t have time to sit down and post these pictures last night. So we are posting them now. Happy Easter from the Sock Family, we hope you all had a great one!       BabyBaby Girl SockBaby SockBunniesBunnyDaughterEasterFamilyHappy EasterHusbandJosephineJosieJosie RosieLifeLoveMomMotherPinkRabbits

Josephine’s Nursery – Finally Complete

(CLICK ON PHOTOS TO MAKE LARGER) I used the left over supplies that my mom and sister gave me from the baby shower crafts and used this old basket to create my very own Shabby Chic Diaper Caddy. I love it. It came out perfect. The night stand, the changing table and wallflowers from Etsy.…