The Best Day Of Our Lives

The day that Josie was born.

April 7th, 2014.

These are photos taken from the company that tries to rip you off at the hospital. They come into your room the day of the birth and take photos of your baby in different poses. She attempted to get me to get in the photos but considering how extremely puffy I was (like the stay-puff marshmallow man), I quickly refused that request (several times). She was persistent. She insisted that we NEEDED to purchase these photos and that our photos sucked (basically). Of course, my husband continued to tell her that he has a very nice camera. Nicer than hers (but we didn’t tell her that) and that we have already taken a ton of photos and plan on taking more once we go home (the next day). But she said “we all have iPhones. These photos are today. These photos are now.” We quickly got annoyed by this woman and I took a look at my husband and gave him the “get her out of here” look. I was in 10 out of 10 pain and she was flopping my baby around like she was a doll. Get her out!

She put together a PowerPoint presentation with these photos in about less than 5 minutes and tried to get us to purchase the package which ironically was $365.00. As in Mom365. I laughed. I looked at my husband and I could see the annoyance in his eyes. Once we denied her offer she insisted on offering us a lower cost package, and then another lower cost package, and then another…and another. I picked Josie up from crying and said “I need to feed her.” Thinking this woman would get the point of “please leave our room.”

Needless to say, I did not like how she treated us. And I didn’t like how she tried to scam us. A week after I got home I got a phone call from this company basically begging me to purchase these photos, again!

Two months later, they email me them. Free.

Don’t waste your money people. How dare this company try to take advantage of families who have just given birth at such a vulnerable moment in their lives. As if having a baby isn’t costly enough! How unfortunate!

Anyway, the photos are cute. Only because they are of Josie. I really am not a fan of the flowers she pasted to her head with vaseline though.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Day Of Our Lives

  1. I didn’t like how the photos turned out that the lady did of Jacob, but luckily our lady wasn’t as pushy. Josie’s photos turned out way better- so cute! There was no way I was gonna pay a ton of money for pictures that were thrown together with very little effort and weren’t even professional quality.

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