Will They Stay Blue?


Those eyes.

We LOVE her big beautiful blue eyes. But Bobby has high hopes that they stay blue. How do we know they will stay blue? How do we know that they won’t change to brown?

I have blue eyes.

Bobby has brown eyes.

My father-in-law has blue eyes.

My “father” has blue eyes.

They seem to be more likely to stay blue, right?

But realistically, according to genetics, they have a 50/50 chance.

Bobby sure hopes they stay blue. He talks about it a lot.

I, on the other hand, don’t really mind. She is beautiful either way and we both know that.

And besides, no matter what color they end up, they are still big and beautiful.

DSC_6171 DSC_6464 DSC_6468 DSC_6475 DSC_6476 DSC_6477 DSC_6482 DSC_6484 DSC_6487  DSC_6491 DSC_6492 DSC_6496 DSC_6502

One thought on “Will They Stay Blue?

  1. She is such a beautiful baby!! I’m hoping Jacob’s eyes stay blue too, but of course it’s not a big deal if they don’t. I think his hair might be a dark red like mine, and blue eyes with red hair is apparently one of the most rare combos (oddly enough my cousin has blue eyes and red hair). Anyway, like you said she will be a beauty either way!

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