A Shabby Chic Baby Shower (In Michigan)

Hosted by my wonderful, thoughtful and creative Mother, Sister and Aunt Linda, this baby shower took my breath away when I walked through the door. Of course the tears came rolling down my face in shock and excitement. I couldn't believe all the hard work, homemade decorations and creativity and time they put into this … Continue reading A Shabby Chic Baby Shower (In Michigan)

30 Days of Thanks: Day 13

My sister.  We did everything together.  And I mean everything.  We had too.  All we had was each other.  We went through every bad phase together.  Fought pretty much every day.  Hated each other most of the time, but loved each other just as much, if not more.  We made it through together.  We were … Continue reading 30 Days of Thanks: Day 13